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The sanitary ware manufacturing base is being moved to China
Modern sanitary ware manufacturing originated in the United States and Germany and other countries in the mid-19th century. After more than 100 years of development, Europe and the United States have gradually become the world sanitary ware industry mature, management and technology advanced areas. Since the 21st century, China sanitary ware industry developing rapidly, product yield and quality, design level and technology level are rapid ascension, more and more get the favour of consumers at home and abroad.
At present, with the technical progress of the sanitary ware industry and the globalization of industrial division of labor, the global sanitary ware industry shows the following characteristics:
Into a series of sanitary ware products can not only achieve coordinated on the function, make consumers more comfortable in using, enjoy more comfortable and convenient environment that defend bath, style, design and its wholeness, consumer can according to their own preferences and habitation environment selection and the corresponding to different main series of products, so can reflect consumers more personalized life concept, meet the needs of their personality development.
In today's increasingly rich material, people's choice of products not only focus on the function of "use", more lies in the pursuit of more "value-added", especially the art and enjoy of beauty is indispensable. Is precisely based on this, a series of integral form a complete set to change sanitary ware products not only make consumers get "in" meet in the product, more to get the enjoyment of "beauty", will become the sanitary ware industry trend of future development.
With the deepening of global integration, the deep integration of various cultural elements, shape and texture of sanitary ware products consumers demand rising, have contemporary feeling, fashionable feeling, can lead lifestyle trend of sanitary ware products is well received in the market.
In order to expand market share, sanitary ware production enterprises have increased spending on sanitary ware product design, and cooperate with well-known designers, constantly, lead the global sanitary ware products to pay more attention to the direction of product design.
Sanitary ware industry production technology and technological level after hundreds of years of development, has become increasingly mature and perfect, from product quality to the production efficiency, and appearance of process design and so on have made considerable progress.
In recent years, the world's leading sanitary ware companies increase in production technology and process improvement to increase investment, such as preparation of new materials development and application of mud glaze raw stock, make the novel glaze color and shape of various kinds are springing up constantly; Equipped with efficient new mechanical equipment and automatic production line to improve production efficiency; To intensify research and development, innovation of modern technology such as electronic, digital and automation are used to the sanitary ware products, achieve product features more powerful and efficient at the same time, improving sanitary ware experience of comfort and convenience.
In recent years, governments are increasingly aware that energy shortage and environmental pollution seriously affect and restrict social and economic development. The concept of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizing resource allocation and realizing sustainable economic development has been widely adopted and accepted by all countries in the world.
At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more attention to healthy and comfortable, emphasizes the green environmental protection, in addition to the demand for the quality of the product function, green energy conservation and environmental protection products more get the favour of consumers. Therefore, as the supplier of sanitary ware products, in order to adapt to the trend and improve the production mode, it is an inevitable choice to improve the products by using new materials, new technology and new technology.
Europe and the United States and other countries had important manufacturing base for global sanitary ware, but with the continuous improvement of its labor costs, and industrial policy and market environment and other factors, the influence of the international famous brand of sanitary ware manufacturers to concentrate its comparative advantage in product design, marketing and brand marketing, efforts to strengthen its own core technology research and development and control of high-end products.
And sanitary ware manufacturing to human prices lower, supporting infrastructure, market demand continued growth in China and other Asian countries, these countries gradually became the global professional sanitary ware products manufacturing base.